72701 Stories: College Ambitions

by WordPlay T.JAY

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72701 Stories is an introduction to WordPlay T.JAY. WordPlay T.JAY fell ill to the stress of a full time job, full time college, and a full time woman. He broke under the pressure and decided he would give up some things. In the midst of a deep sleep the album plays out in his dreams while he missing calls from the people he knows. At the end he wakes up to an email from MTV that changes his life.

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released 16 July 2013
Executive Produced by WordPlay T.JAY
Written by T.L. Johnson Jr.
Additional Production by Proffit.



all rights reserved


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WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.JAY is a recording artist & producer who was first seen on MTV's RapFix Live. Listen to his music & enjoy exclusive merchandise. His current project The Cycle is a monthly journey through the building of his new project. Collect each song and break #TheCycle. Hear & See more at http;//wordplaytjay.com ... more

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Track Name: If I Should Die...
This for all my people out there with the 9 to 5’s
Tryna put it all together without a dime
So they take another puff of that la, la, la
Cause they tryna make it through put the stress aside
If I should die before I break
I pray the Lord to have my soul to take x3
I just wanna tell my people good night, good mourning
I can see you in my dreams, just make an appointment
When you see me on the track I’m tryna anoint it
Give you something you can feel that’s been my anointment
We been broken for a while I’m tryna adjoin it
I know you want, so get to the point like a hornet
I know it hurts, but it’ll be better by morning
It doesn’t stop so listen we better get going
So check it while you’re yawning I’m putting it in the speakers
And fixing all of the plates so we can continue eating
I’m bleeding from all the mess, and itching to be the best
I guess I better stop scratching and ripping apart my flesh
Gotta show you all of my fears break away from my demons
And wipe away all of the tears
Tryna get to man of the year been doing this for a decade
I’m kicking another gear.
I just wanna tell my people good day, good mourning
And if you down to ride just know you important
And I think about you every beat I’m importing
May see me as a star but you are the Jordan
See me recording numbers just know I’m not going under
Cool as the dead of winter but hotter than 20 summers
I got this without a gimmick so suck a cock and get with it
Invented to be a menace society call me Dennis
Every stereotype they tryna put me within it
But hold up I’m not finished, I’m predetermined to win it
And every time that I sleep I know my grandfather grinning
Look at what he’s been doing tell Jesus buy me a ticket
I gotta see when he get it, gotta see when he get it
Gotta make it to that they finally see that he’s gifted
They finally see he’s a legend and didn’t have to get lifted
I gotta be there to witness the day he gets all his wishes
I just wanna tell my people good day, no mourning
And if I don’t make it to tomorrow I gotta be honest
Don’t cry I know you’ll miss me, I know you’ll miss me
But my point in being here is making history
I’ll be here for a while Christ is with me
And I’m only going forward like a Frisbee
Before I bare it all like a grizzly
I’m tryna get the bartender tipsy
That’s saying I’m tryna reverse the roles
Like a greedy ass kid I’m tryna take control
From the phony ass majors who fiddling with their pagers
Wanting some food and liquor but lately I’m seeing lasers
Take another look you’ll see I’m dangerous
I’m socially aware but nothing phase us
My whiskey on the rocks but not the chasers
Need something for the pain when they hate us
Track Name: 90's Song
[Intro] x2
T-Dot's Back, T-Dot's Back
You can gone tell them haters not to be like that
I met this girl named Tammy, she stay out in Miami
She say it's hot out there and she don't even need no panties
I asked her what she here for she said to visit family
She asked me what I do, I said trying to win a Grammy
She said you think you fancy, I said I'm on a mission
Trying to sack these quarters just like I'm out here blitzing
Ain't no use in tripping, we at the beach already
But Tammy want a boo thang, she tryna keep it steady
And I'm trying to watch my belly like an old school flick
Tammy Aunt Jemima, yeah she too damn thick
I'm afraid to get the flu then I'd be too damn sick
And I'm all up on these drums like a blue man stick
This feel like a new caddy with the windows rolled down x2
This feel like the 1990's with a brand new sound
In a brand new caddy with the windows rolled down
This feel like this every summer, OTM my mantra
My friends be at the [mill rolling up some ganja
Enough to fill your lungs up, stay linked up like some nun-chucks
You can never reach our level so you better get your 1's up
Started right here from the ground up, put them grounds up and announce us
We the now stuff, pronouns: us, we killing everything like Round-Up
Where the doe at for the crown buck, tell the venue turn my sound up
There ain't no lames around us, we marching through the town, what
Left, Right, Left, Right, down, up we change the game forever
Any, every endeavor & whether there's heavy weather
The cheedar's on the bruschetta, my pallet couldn't be wetter
Milking it til it's leather, all the way down to the feather
Know for not wasting no time, filling my book up with rhymes that come from my mind
Marinate and I get better like wine, booking these shows they never decline
A brother like me is hard to define, still on my grind when it's harder to climb
Look at me like I'm created divine, I aim for the world and I'm calling it mine
T-Dot's Back, T-Dot's Back
You can gone tell them haters not to be like that
I met this girl named Brenda, she loves to play Nintendo
She said let's watch some Netflix, I hope she is a sinner
This ain't movie night, she just want me deep up in her
It's been a couple months and she's feeling really pent up
And I'm trying to watch my belly like an old school flick
Brenda Aunt Jemima yeah she's too damn thick
I'm afraid to get the flu then I'll be too damn sick
And I'm all up on these drums like a blue man stick
Track Name: Workin' ft. Kenyon the Dawn & Bloka
What you mean I ain’t working
Lord know I ain’t perfect and I ain’t even worth it
But listen the interior is stronger than the surface
I put on for my city but hate is steady lurking
Uh, what you mean I ain’t working.
Aiight, I cast my sins in the lake of fire
I let go of kissing ass just to take me higher
Because snakes will tell the truth when they’re on the wire
Get from underneath my brand and let your ass expire
Hard work, it don’t come easy neither does the fame
I done read the books, I got the looks, I don’t complain.
If you take this here for granted I can take your paddle.
I’m a take the game back I’m in B.C. like Maddow
I don’t care ain’t no battle, make this here official
Like a missile I’m a blow up despite your issues
Got no time to diss you, while I’m on my ginsu
You thought my girl was thick? Walk up through my mental
I’m just burning through these pencils since like 99
2004 I hit the door an elevated grind
Fuck your college, fuck your job cause I know my purpose.
What you mean I ain’t working?
Track Name: Ignant [Side B]
Young, Menance, All about my business
I'm a let you finish because I'm looking for a victim
Pray, Witness, bars for every sentence
I'm spitting with a vengeance because I'm about to get ignant, huh?
Cuz this is what you wanted right? X2
Verse 1:
I’m sitting, staring in this basement, you squares are not adjacent
Because the way I cut this up got me sick of being patient
And I’m searching for a placement, salty niggas always hating
But this is motivation because for you I’m feeling “nathin”
And 2 Dope Boyz ain’t gon blog my shit
So I’m a wax the record give it all my dick
And I’m serving turn tables so get off my tip
And we are OTMMG’n until we all get rich
In no way is this okay squeezing ass like its OJ
I can’t afford a Jesus piece because I’m feeling kind of holey
You don’t know me you jabroni, I genesis you owe me
And I’m classic when I’m rapping you aint got nothing up on me
I try to eat like Shoney’s I’m the topic of discussion
I sharpened up my flows and got lethal on percussion
I’m in need of Robitussin and a can of chicken soup
I was never good at hoops yet I throw up over loops I’m talking,

Verse 2:
So I’m back up on my Martin Luther King, T.Jay got a dream
But I’m feeling like my schools didn’t teach me anything
So I’m looking for a come up and it’s just by any means
I’ve been poor so damn long I’m adjusting to the fiends
And them dope boys ain’t gon buy my shit
Unless we hit the club and we all get lit
And I’m serving turn tables so get off my tip
And I’m OTMMG’n til we all get rich
No way is this okay squeezing ass like its OJ
Rules up out the window til I’m feeling like I’m Kanye
Take this here to church til every day is Sunday
And the media gon ask me why I date a Kelly Bundy
One day y’all is gon mind y’all biz
You better lock up your wife you better hide your kids
I done made this song cuz we all gotta live
God bless our souls when we all get rich, I’m a
Bridge: x4
Shower my head, my cup runneth over x3
I done had so much communion that I’m finally getting sober
Track Name: Here We Go (the couple's song)
Here we go x3 Here we go again (x2)
Uh, this is how we start a relationship
Then one of us ends up making it shit
But when it all started it was probably legit
She just wanna turn up and party and shit
And he just wanna think about parting your tits
She wanna be a cowgirl riding that stick
But life it ain’t no movie it’s mostly a trip
I feel the DST and I’m wasted again
Lord, lord only if you could see us
Take your Ray Bans off and park your new, two-seater
Put a quarter in meter and meet me here in my meter
We too weakened and feeble don’t let the devil defeat us
First dates to first love
Batter, batter pitching at her with no glove
There comes love, and then comes the baby
Daddy rocking the cradle then daddy start acting crazy, oh no
50 dates at the park bench
She not ready for cupid and he’s a marksman
Keep in mind that he’s dark skinned
The family ain’t acquainted with that dark man
But color ain’t an issue for the heart man
But somewhere there’s a spark they get it hot, damn
Set aside the politics, abolishment
It may not make a dollar but it makes some sense
Lord, lord they ain’t ready for nice guys
Some nice thighs will show themselves for the right ride
It’s a Mustang and she just ready to night ride
She’s one person then another in the night time
The night line: she just hanging with girlfriends
The truth is she hanging on to another man
In the morning she hanging on to another hand
But that brother is his brother same mother, damn.
They say things change and grow apart
He keep making her tears flood without an ark
He keep turning to cold tin without a heart
She keep turning to cold gin to spread apart
So here they go, here they go
They keep hoping over time there is a miracle
Here they go, here they go
They praying for love songs over spirituals
Here we go x3
We make the merry go round look like a rollercoaster x2
Track Name: Yovng
[Intro: WordPlay T.JAY]
I'm gonna stop playing around with y'all
You can't stop me because you're too sloppy
You can't top me because there's no copies
Of this young nigga x2
[Verse 1: WordPlay T.JAY]
I feel like Deion Sanders running a 93
It reminds me of greatness which reminds me of me
So not doing a damn thing reminds me of sleep
I would grab me a pillow dude if I wanted to dream
I got real ambition because I wanted the cream
I'm not gonna be held up like you wanting a sling
Couldn't match out my metaphors with your whole damn team
I'm not going for half I want the whole damn thing
So as I peak with precision, sleek with a domino vision
Falling for perfect division, finna be known in a minute
Got in my zone from beginning, R-R-Ride for my niggas
Make a couple of hits so I provide for my niggas, Aiiight.
Come out of nowhere you ain't even know it
Thought I lost it you ain't even showing
Give you dudes a chance and you didn't have to blow
To catch up, what I'm doing? You ain't even growing.
[Verse 2]
I used to sit in the classroom like kiss my ass
I would watch my status go higher up like this won't last
I would pull out my rhyme book so I look on task
I would skip out on homework like fuck yo sash
I'm not paying this ticket you can get off of my dash
I'm not feeling this anymore so I'm skipping this class
I had a blonde head girl with a big ol' ass
She was loving a brother game so I'm gone smash.
Done paying your escuela I'm moving to bigger data
And itchin for my dinero, un poco, I'm irritated
No rain & no irrigation my pockets are drying up
Thinking I'll call Michelle I'll tell her to roll a blunt
Then I snap out of it and go beast on the beat
I'm the soul of a champion I go beast on defeat
You ain't seen this side so what you know bout me?
When the last bar done you put this bitch on repeat, now.
[Bridge x2]
Dilla's my hero and Jesus my savior
Pac is my principle & Biggie's my Mayor
For this young nigga x2
[Verse 3]
So as I peak with precision, sleek with a domino vision
Falling for perfect division, finna be known in a minute
Got in my zone from beginning, Ride for my niggas
Make a couple of hits so I provide for my niggas, Aiiight.
Come out of nowhere you ain't even know it
Thought I lost it you ain't even showing
Give you dudes a chance and you didn't have to blow
To catch up, what I'm doing? You ain't even growing.
Track Name: Functions
Dwayne Wayne done stepped up in the building
Only a boy like me could ever give this type of feeling
Putting them to the ceiling, glasses of champagne spilling
Only got a few dollars but I’m feeling like a million
Good Lord, I’m looking for a girl with her bra off
With tequila and some rock salt knocking shots off
Like a sawed off, I gotta be around when it pop off
Got a lot of apple like Motts sauce, it’s Mardi Gras on Adderall
Spilling my drink I ain’t mad at all, I’m tipsy but I ain’t down to fall
Got a lot of grind for the guap, can’t be stopped, putting it on for the Rock
Taking this here to the top, put it in the watts, people like when he gon pop
But I’m already on like YouTube not doing this here like you fools
This ain’t nothing new dudes, just something you ain’t used to
Matter fact I cause that urge, like the Holy Ghost at church
I would chill that out not kill your route but I been this way since birth
Make the car peel ain’t no beamers, my flow just hit patina
I could prolly hit the scene up but I’m looking at arenas
You don’t know the half, don’t even know the math
I’m tryna keep these haters here from stepping in my path
So don’t complicate the function, yeah don’t complicate the function x2
Spread my music like church to 10 or 10,000
And all I do is work, I don’t give a damn about lounging
You can pour it up like fountains swimming pools we drowning
Hood niggas say 300 but I’ve always been 1000
And these wack ass raps about this, about that
And the Billboard shit like, crap, crap crap
Wanna hate on me better kiss my sack
Better leave my track, cause the king is back
What it do my dude? I’m a boss and I approve
In a better mood, incredible, third eye is on and you better move
Trading in hoes for a better boo, no twerking on my pedestal
Cause it’s high up here, see the sky up here it’s a better view
Look at me I’m better too, longer, faster, stronger
Scoring it like a bonus with cuts better than bologna
Believe we going ham, flood the streets like my dam
All the dudes here like lambs just sticking to the trends
But the feeling is here, you got nothing to fear, I’m the man of the year
And I’m taking the tier, it’s not under my eye but I’m looking at cheers
And I’m killing it yeah.
Got the angel on my shoulder but a demon to my right
Thank Jesus in the morning but I need him here tonight
Cause the Holy Ghost might hold me I don’t see him in my sight
Cause the hate is in my light, get the fuck up out my life
And dip my head up in the water so my focus can go further
Ask the father for my charter, I might just be a martyr
Put the power in my words, like the Holy Ghost in church
I would chill this out not kill your route, but I’ve been this way since birth
And you may not know my motives but quotas they can’t control us
No quarters my shits in order, looking to break some borders
You don’t know the half about me, til I give you all the stories
You a common name Ortiz, I’m rare and making it bleed
Cause even if I flop, the picture still don’t crop
I’m building up my stock, and growing through the rocks
Cause my vision is clear and I aim for the top, and I take you to school
But I’m keeping the block, and I’m stacking them up and you never can knock
So watch as I pop, bow.
Track Name: Roots
Can I tell you a story?
It don’t matter I’m gonna tell you anyway
I met this girl she living in Astoria
It’s funny that’s in Queens and she’s Victoria
She asked why I’m the only guy ignoring her
I said because I’ll probably end up boring her
She told me never judge her by her cover
Since especially nobody seems to love her
I told her that I’m sorry you got pretty eyes
She told me how she always falls for city guys
but they don’t ever listen they just wanna turn up
she ain’t met one yet that ever wants to earn her
they always in a hurry and never seem to worry
and how she wanna make love get it hot like curry
I said come back to Brooklyn show you where I stay
I got an extra pillow next to me to lay
Tune into some slow jams listen to them play
And then I dig you out until the light of day.
She said she like it slow so she don’t wanna turn up
Turn up x2 (She stuck within her roots)
She said she want it deep, she can’t get enough
She so grounded tryna dig her up x2
So now we down in BK way beneath the covers
A flick comes from her lighter she inhales and then she hovers
One finger on the button, add some pressure, make her shudder
We not discussing marriage but tonight is for the lovers
Lay it nice and easy, something like a putter
This the perfect moment cause I’m always in the gutter
She whisper in my ear, she loves the way I touch her
She said it’s been a while so she’s feeling kind of flustered
X2 I’m deep beneath her roots, it’s nourishing
She like the way I beat and let the chorus in
She’ll be back to Brooklyn, she knows just where I stay
I got an extra pillow so she can come back here to lay
Tune into some slow jams and listen to them play
Then I dig her out until we see the light of day.
[HOOK]x 2
Track Name: Good
Let’s put all the dark niggas in the back of the store
Backwards we go, 400 years impacting the flow
And while they all the moving backwards I happen to grow
And they see my black face and then they act on the low
Judging my integrity while I’m tryna gain prosperity
And looking at my rarity and couldn’t bark at my pedigree
That malice there ain’t fair to me
How can you read a single person from their family tree
They damaged me picture T.Jay when they see defeat
Jumped every hurdle see a winner when you go to sleep
These devils can’t hold me back, these niggas can’t say I’m wack
These people don’t know my craft, and this nigga don’t owe you crap
That statement there, right there’s a fact
Cause every year I never slack
Remember that cause next year is coming
I’m thinking 10 years down the road and that means I’m running
They see where I’m going, going, going, going …
And I’m never going back, back, back, back… x2
Let’s put all the dark music at the back of the store
Backwards we go, 400 years impacting the flow
They look at hip hop like its black as a crow
But won’t blame another genre for the women they hoe
Taylor Swift can sell her image make a fat girl woe
And George Bush can sell a gun and make the building explode
We just tell it how we see it let the story unfold
And my cultures full of crap, yet politicians are gold?
These devils can’t hold me back and these niggas can’t say I’m wack
These people don’t know my craft, and this nigga don’t owe you crap
Our days are much worse than rap
Don’t blame us then not know the facts
I’m here for those that need a helping hand
Middle finger to the ones that never understand
I’m just a man displaying all my weaknesses
It’s not my fault that you can’t see where all the demons live
Track Name: Life is a Dream
Life is but a dream I hope I wake up tomorrow x3
Praying to the Lord to take me away from this sorrow
BKGD: Where do we go
Last summer up in VA, I had this MDMA
She said she had a boyfriend who’s coming down the freeway
I said is that too quick girl? She said lets skip the foreplay
Talked about last semester, I said college it bores me
That’s when I had this feeling, that life is just some circles
When I tried my hardest they called this nigga Erkel
Why I work so hard for? Stay moving like it’s parkour
TJay get an ice pack you’re bruising up those bars boy
Nothing less but far more but still this shit be hardcore
People tell me down boy they see my race like Al Gore
You see that double meaning that’s what I need my crown for
They try to keep me down for my skill and for my talent
Knocking me off balance, but I haven’t looked around since
My grandpa left me lonely and dealing with this pressure
Instead I see a challenge and I take it like my pleasure
It was just a dream to be on the television
If you knew my dreams you’d see I have hella visions
Lately though my angel been taking an intermission
I hope I understand and focus my own ambition
I can’t tell you when but something is about to happen
Cause Jesus knows my plan is much bigger than rapping
This cruise is finna take off, I got no time for ‘laxing
Push away distractions and put out words like captions
Ain’t no looking back since, can’t hear you like an accent
No I cut no slack bitch, over your head like back flips
Holding like a tight grip and never letting go
Even when I feel weak I never let It show
Some people try to hold on and never let me grow
And I have done some things some people will never know
So I’m praying to the father to open the doors before
To show the whole world that they can never ignore me.
Track Name: Breakfast & Biggie
[Verse ]
Woke this morning Biggie Smalls was on the speakers
Just one of those days like nothing can defeat us
Put Proffit on the drums so you fools can’t beat us
We stay making hits, yes, something like Jeter
And looking for some Franklins nothing like Aretha
And feeling real nice eating breakfast from my diva
Before I hit the door I lace my high top Adidas
Say hello to the world like Wal-Mart greeters
And I just got paid pockets fatter than Peter Griffin
Bass lower than a creeper so,
Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha check out this bizarre
Bumping nothing but the classics from the trunk of my car
There is no reasonable doubt I’m about to blow the speakers out
And you can’t knock my hustle we gone always be on route
On the road to success and once again it’s nothing less
My day just doesn’t start without Chris Wallace on the deck yes
I don’t need no Beamer, Benz, or the Bentley
That kind of stuff isn’t in me I live my life simply
Commercial dudes are funny comic like Ziggy
All I need is breakfast while I’m listening to Biggie
Cause all they do is party and bull SHHHH
I’m like man can we listen to some music
I ain’t hating I just take it to the pulpit
It’s been a long time and I’ve been praying for some newness
I wake up once a week with Born Again on repeat
I’m reciting figure speech cause these other poets weak
And it didn’t take them long cause they hating what I’m doing
I see the way they roam and they hate that they’ve been ruined
You can go to KEV and record you’re little single
But I make the booth numb and you’re trying to make it tingle
What’s beef? I’m a ask you to proceed
In a man I fear not because everybody bleeds
You couldn’t match our grind if you had tracing paper
We’ve gotten this far along ain’t asking for no favors
Last time I checked we’re on the rise like vapors
Boys be swag surfing when they needing life savers
Ain't making songs no more they’re just tryna chase a dollar
Do not disturb because these cats just shouldn’t bother
Nothing like the U of A but I take these fools to college
I prefer your study guide to be the late Chris Wallace, Holler
By the end of the night I lace my high top Nikes
And while I’m getting fresh I’m listening to the Frank White
I said on Chris Farley that we’d be a little tardy
But now that we’re here we gone move some girl’s bodies
Cause my ladies in the Rock love to sip on some Ciroc
And the chicks up on the hill keep the Goose on chill
And why they can’t listen to your junk it’s so apparent
How you get so incoherent, she keeps my CD blaring
And this is what happens to MC’s when they work at Mickey D’s
And spend their whole check on a set of 23’s
You might want to save up because rapping ain’t gone pay ya
Cause if I rhymed like that then I prolly been done gave up
Sitting at the top my Lord keeps pressing page up
And watching rhymers backspace we insert our flavor
We’re getting our return and your numbers on lock
Shifting Big SHHH, putting classics on the box, YUP
Track Name: Paw Paw Said ft. Proffit (Bonus)
[Hook: WordPlay T.JAY]
[Paw Paw said I don't feel these niggas
Paw Paw said they ain't real these niggas](2037275)
[Then he said one night you better grab that mic
You better take that fight and then kill these niggas](2037281)
[Good Lord, Good Lordy they don't know about me
Good Lord, good Lordy they don't know about we](2037286)

[Verse 1: WordPlay T.JAY]
[I stepped up in my Voltron](2037288)
[They done made a Frankenstein and put the bolts on](2037292)
[They ain't made it big enough for me to post on
But I guess those niggas better get their notes on](2037299)
[Cause I came in with the Kobe mixed with Obi Wan Kenobi
Drinking sobe on the moon cause they really think they know me](2037318)
[They don't know me cause I'm holy but a demon in the flesh](2037344)
[When T.JAY catch a fan you gotta ween them off the best](2037352)
[Got the pulse up on the meter but the beat up on my chest](2037355)
[I let you niggas breath when I gave you Nothin' Less](2037359)
[They don't even know the half about my skill set
I'm a real threat, not revealed yet](2037368)
[And those hood niggas like, "Oh you tight"
And those broke ass broads like, "He ain't white"](2037381)
But I talk up right so I can cash these checks
Then tell these haters they can suck my dick


[Verse 2: Proffit]
Paw Paw must've dropped me on my head
Woke up on all fours and these niggas began to dread
Feeling animalistic now nigga k-k-k-kick the ballistics
Now let me tell you what my paw paw said
Broke it down to fuck what they talking just keep your little foot walking
Got so fly that I be hawking instead
Now I feel like nobody's hotter, I get my bread like cibatta
And I can shed more hairs of wisdom than Chewbacca could ever offer
Paw paw put me on my etiquette, act an angel for the hell of it, I gotta get pro-per
Then I say I go tight silent type now I'm to damn loud guess I'm can't get right, off life
Go with the pace of the burn of the mace, no pastor
Do you understand what its like to be a bastard?
Proffit nigga happened to be what you been wanting to be
Winning at all cost, I let you niggas lose for free
Now that's beast like me


[Verse 3: T.JAY]
[I'm not giving a damn about a new whip
I got too many chains on my slave ship
I got 400 years of my brain stripped](2037393)
[I'm a dark knight but on my Bane tip
And I'm setting it right for my people](2037400)
So I can atone for my evils
I made this song for my hero
Praying for peace on my steeple
Well I don't know if you can see my view is no less than 1080p HD
Guess my styles on doctorate degree
Now I'm infinite on ability and flow
Sopping up the game like I was a biscuit or roll
Hopping, skipping, jumping for profit I gotta go
Pick a posy nosy rosy, difficult lyrical level has been shown
Not the giant corn, a nigga considered to be all that
Paw paw taught me come off my lids at the drop of a hat